My name is Haeley Mariah, I am a Certified Fitness Trainer, Life Coach and Nutrition Coach. I am the Owner of The MP Coaching Experience. I move with faith and spirituality for a holistic growth experience empowering women and girls to uncover their fullest potentiality as they journey towards becoming their most authentic self. My Challenges, Personal Growth Program, Boot Camps and Guidebooks are unique and effective; they are designed to help women and girls feel good, look good and regain self-control over their thoughts, actions and choices. My foundation is built on the inner balance and harmony that one receives when reconnecting and aligning their mind, body, soul and spirit. This is what makes me unique. I am experienced in creating a holistic growth journey that you will love and admire creating sustainable inner peace, self-awareness and growth. My focus is to increase your mental and physical strength, through increasing your mindset, fitness and nutrition, so that you can become the best and most successful version for yourself. Let’s break mental limitations and grow together, inside and out. One day at a time!